Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama's '95% Will Get Tax Break' Lie

Approximately 20% of Americans smoke and over 60% of Americans consume alcoholic beverages. What our glorious leader and his puppet masters in DC really want is to increase taxes and the power of the federal government and what could be better than slamming sinners?

Smokers, drinkers to carry tax burden?

By taxing those "addicted" the government isn't really raising taxes, but only helping those poor souls and lifting a burden from their future national health care system so they're actually saving money, right? Wrong.

The myths of the zealots have taken hold in our ever truthful media which always tries to find a campaign to mount for the betterment of society their dwindling sales. Many new "zealots" now serve in Congress, the federal bureaucracy and in the current administration, but their real zeal is simply to grab as much power as possible.

Let's tax hot air and these morons alone could fund the entire nation.