Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama's Election Signals Full Frontal On Capitalism Worldwide

The pot dots are in high dudgeon world wide over perceived wrongs done them.

At the moment, those on the left here in America have their marching orders to attack Rush Limbaugh and it is humorous to read and hear the dire predictions and see their outrageous puffery from high to low screeching and lectures are coming from mostly unread blogs here in Ohio all the way up to President Obama. All seem to be on the same page, same note, but as usual, all are off key, but feeling mighty empowered by it all. Man the barricades, dudes, the fight is on. Power to the people!!

The unions are sniffing victory in the wind with Mr. Change snugly in the White House and Reid Pelosi in the power palace of poverty. By the way, Congress is just down the street in DC from the marble temples to the working man in which the union leaders are directing their people to express outrage at how corporations have destroyed them. I love the irony that the press, union members themselves, can't seem to see that it is the unions and liberal policy that have caused the whole mess. Defend the market system just to watch the apoplexy attack in a liberal.

Riots in France, the poster child for union absurdity, and Germany caused Guy Ryder, the general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), to whine about a time bomb of crisis and other incendiary images to warn of soaring crime. As if a union needs an excuse. His real point is that the unions will get what they want or they will destroy governments and forms of government, especially:

“We are on the road to serious social instability, which could be extremely dangerous in some countries to democracy itself.”

He said: “Davos does not make me at all confident. I don’t see any of the leadership here that is needed to get us out of this crisis . . . There is very little contrition here.”

I'm sure Mr. Ryder feels contrition as he flies first class and rides in his limo.

From Australia we get this twisted spin on economics:

Sharan Burrow, the president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, said that the world was now witnessing the human cost of “casino capitalism” as the impacts of rising unemployment and home repossessions and of plunges in savings and pension funds hit millions of families.

Ms Burrow said: “Why shouldn’t working people be angry? Their money is being used to stabilise the financial system, but it is their wealth, their jobs and the welfare of their children that is being stripped away.”

Ms Burrow might want to take a deep breath and realize that the financial system is their financial system and working together, instead of being adversarial, might help the markets recover. Like that's going to happen. She likes her little perch of power too much.

Mr Ryder, always good for a headline, went further:

However, Mr Ryder issued a blunt assessment of this year’s World Economic Forum. “The certainties that have defined Davos for the past ten years have collapsed,” he said. “We are witnessing the collapse of an entire system of ideas.”

Capitalism is strong. Is it strong enough to face down this worldwide assault? We'll see, but it will be those that won't be bullied that will right the ship in the end, as always. The specter of this 'change' will grow, but who will tell of the horrors in the history of this brave new world in which whole classes of workers sink into despair and a gray gloom as the mechanics of 'change' turn the screw just one more notch, because then it will all work, don't you see?

It's history tragically repeating itself as the purveyors of hope tell tales of human brotherhood uniting in a great revolution where all people are equal. Equally out of work or equally working meaningless nationalized jobs and are equally, but fairly you see, poor.

What a nightmare of unhappiness being dreamed by the unhappy for the rest of us to share that we do not want.