Saturday, December 27, 2008

George W. Bush: World Leader, Freedom Fighter, Gave Life Back To The People

Via Gateway Pundit

George W Bush: winning the war on terror
"The decision by Bush, with Blair's support, to sweep the Taliban out of Afghanistan was a brilliant move, one that not all U.S. presidents would have taken. A weaker leader would have gone to the United Nations Security Council and sought a negotiated settlement with Kabul."

Nile Gardiner The Telegraph "George W Bush: winning the war on terror"December 27, 2008

Now that the campaigning is over, the anti-Bush crowd should stop whining "but, there were no WMDs." They never got it.

The women of Iraq & Afghanistan get it.
The children of Iraq & Afghanistan get it.
The fathers, grandfathers and uncles get it.
The mothers, cousins, aunts and grandmothers get it.
So do the people throughout the world.

They see Iraq as it was and as it is.

Freedom has a chance.

Thank you President George W. Bush