Thursday, May 08, 2008

Litigation Shame For Ohio

via Tony Phyrillas

Frivolous lawsuits take valuable time and money from the citizens of Ohio. Unfair and onerous lawsuits, under the guise of the "little guy" vs evil corporations and mythical "pain and suffering" rulings, are costing Ohio jobs as well as valuable time and money. Judges that have the ethics and morals of a cathouse mouse write their names in their history books by rendering absurd and legally unsound decisions, at the expense of all Ohioans for their lawyer friends and their clients who receive the crumbs.

If Marc Dann and Rev Strickland want to play their little games fine by me as long as they do them on their on time and dime.

In 2006 Ohio was rated by the Institute for Legal Reform as 19th in litigation fairness.
In 2007 Ohio had sunk to 24th.
In 2008 Ohio sank further to 32nd.

It is my hope that the Rev and the perv will leave office and set up an ethics think tank.

Out of state.