Thursday, May 17, 2007

Regularizing Illegal Aliens? Huh?

Republicans, still searching for the fastest way to continually shrink their base, are part of a Ted Kennedy plan to legalize illegals. That is to say retroactively make a crime not a crime. Think what this could do for the illegal drug trade.
Along with a border crackdown, Bush himself has advocated regularizing a large part of the illegal immigrants living in the United States. Anti-immigration politicians accused him of supporting amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

I fully understand the Democrats willing to fore go national security and sovereignty, they need to increase their voter base, especially since the dead aren't voting like they used to, but Republicans voting for this crap?

I've had enough of compassionate conservatism. Vote the law, enforce the law, including guarding the borders, enforcing immigration laws and acting like Republicans. Not losers Liberals.

I guess "regularizing" illegals is the new way of softening the illegality of legalizing illegals. No matter, it still won't help republicans that vote Liberal.

UPDATE: I've been advised that the last sentence should read;

"No matter, it still won't help republicans that vote illiberal."

Classic. Illogically so, but is it legal to illegalize the illegal? What? Huh?