Friday, May 18, 2007

Al Gore is the most important man on the planet

The Last Temptation of Al Gore
Then, suddenly, Gore was laying American democracy itself on the couch,
asking why the U.S. has been unable to take action on global warming, why it has
made so many other disastrous choices—rushing into war in Iraq, spying on
Americans without search warrants, holding prisoners at Guantánamo Bay without due process.

As Time implies in the title, Al is as important, nee more important, than Jesus Christ, temptation being what it is today.

Me? The world is in flux with so many enormous issues and important decisions that have to be made immediately. We need decisive politicians to represent the Republic's good. When I think of Gore's impact on the planet and its sad inhabitants, I read, I listen and think. It's time to actupNOW and it tells me that Al is just so.........

Rice Krispies with bananas sound good and then some yard work before my real work.