Saturday, December 30, 2006

Josh Marshall - Iraqis = 3/5 people?

Because they're brown people you know.

Evil dumb Bush is manipulating entire continents and we're dumber than Bush because only JOSH is smart enough to know that Iraqis aren't smart enough to make decisions for themselves.

These jokers are being dragged kicking and screaming to the realization that the
whole thing's a mess and that they're going to be remembered for it -- defined
by it -- for decades and centuries. But before we go, we can hang Saddam. Quite
a bit of this was about the president's issues with his dad and the hang-ups he
had about finishing Saddam off -- so before we go, we can hang the guy as some
big cosmic 'So There!'

Marx might say that this was not tragedy but farce. But I think we need to get way beyond options one and two even to get close to this one -- claptrap justice meted out to the former dictator in some puffed-up act of self-justification as the country itself collapses in the hands of the occupying army.

Oh, and by the way Al Queda is just a group of misunderstood guys and Josh is just game for it.