Saturday, June 09, 2012

Leftist Carpet Bombing Of Free Speech

Zilla has a great post about Kimberlin and his cadre of suppression artists and opens the window on the left's attempts to silence those that disagree with them. Sunshine makes the cockroaches skittle away back to the dark except those few on the left still dedicated to free speech which makes them targets as well
Silent Like a Carpet Bombing

While nearly all of bloggers who’ve recently become victims of political terrorism are Conservatives, it is important to note that the first target victimized by Brett Kimberlin and his supporters for telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin’s criminal history and his post prison activities was Seth Allen (@Prepostericity), a liberal blogger who has the blogDFQ2. What happened to Seth is horrible he deserves our support.

Time to out all of them and then stop them dead in their tracks.