Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liberal Lynch Mob Beyond The Pale Still

Even some on the right jumped the gun on justice and are now blaming their words on a liberal media. This is the same media which has a narrative that it pushes and a hidden narrative that it refuses to print. The hidden narrative is called the truth and this hidden narrative cannot be printed because the voter would vote differently if it becomes known.

I took the media’s claims at face value and erroneously labeled George Zimmerman a murderer based upon false information that was designed to arrange a lynching.

I won’t get fooled again, and I hope that prosecutor Angela Corey, who dismissed the grand jury this week, won’t fall into the same trap of trying to pursue a narrative instead of true justice.

The entire racist chorus that leaped to sing their hustled hate should be ashamed. But they won't, they'll just smile that smile of the smug know-it-all.