Saturday, March 24, 2012

Professors Against Free Speech

But the overflow crowd outside wasn’t able to hear many such remarks by Gingrich. As he began to speak, Led Zeppelin music began blaring from Blessey Hall next door. Prof. Johannesson admitted to The Daily Caller that the music was her doing.
“That fatass. … I don’t care if he comes to talk, but I don’t think I should have to listen.” As Gingrich emerged from the back of the Richardson Hall to leave, Johannesson cried, “Boo! Go home!”
Such a lovely lady who appears not to suffer from being a "fatass." On the other hand she feels it necessary to deprive others, those who agree with Gingrich and those that don't, the ability to hear what he has to say. Pretty normal for such elitist professors as opposed to real professors who search for all ideas to relate to their teaching. Her only redeeming quality is her taste in music.