Monday, March 19, 2012

Media Matters Of Al-Jazeera?

While Rosenberg called Fox News “a very, very dangerous force in the United States” and Fox News host Sean Hannity “one of the biggest right wing liars on Fox News” during the speech, he praised Al-Jazeera as “mainstream” and “factual.”

“It just shows that everywhere in the world people are watching Al-Jazeera because people know it’s going to be — one, it’s factual,” he said.

“It has footage, it has pictures which we are essentially not allowed to see in the United States, that the networks don’t allow of what is going on in Iraq, what’s going on in Afghanistan.”

Bizarrely, Rosenberg also claimed the left-of-center New Republic magazine, which regularly defends President Obama, was “very much of a right wing, Jewish publication.”

Media Matters also has a cheek to cheek relationship with the Obama Administration.

Apparently, the people at Media Matters take the term “investigative journalism” seriously — even if they misunderstand it.  According to a September 2009 e-mail obtained by Tucker Carlson at the Daily Caller, Media Matters Director of Media Relations Karl Frisch proposed to founder David Brock and MMFA president Eric Burns that the organization conduct a campaign to “embarrass and discredit” Fox News, which Frisch called the “enemy” which the progressive movement needed after winning the presidency and control of Congress.  Among the ideas Frisch proposed was hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on Fox News anchors and staff

Quite a group, MMFA, but which A?