Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Truth About Our National Debt

I've been away working. I read with not much interest in the usual cut and paste plagiarizing by Professor William "Willy" Yelverton stating that Obama is actually an economic genius (in Willy's mind) and that President Ronald Reagan ( a daily self inducing colonic to Willy) had increased the national debt by 400% making him a moron. Typical stuff from wee Willy. He reads sites that are so full of crap they make his eyes brown. As usual wee Willy is cutting and pasting lies .

Here is his "comment":

2/3 of the National Debt now incurred is the result of Reagan and the Bush Presidencies -   FACT.  
Looking at the debt as a percentage, Reagan/GHW Bush more than quadrupled the debt.  ($930 billion to over $4 trillion) - 400%  
By Comparison, Obama has increased the debt by $3 Trillion (12 Trillion to 15 trillion) or by about 25%  
400% vs 25%  

Willy's use of the cap key is well known to those that have the time and patience to read him as well as those that have him as a crab infestation. He must feel it gives him gravitas. The same way he plucks harder on a string to give emphasis to a particular flamingo guitar piece. Actually, just like slamming the dinner table with an open hand slap when grandma doesn't toe the correct line.

Below is a chart that shows actual increases:

The length of time a President served also matters when assigning debt and making comparisons. This chart measures debt increases by Presidential term—i.e., four-year increments. President Reagan saw a 14.8 percent increase in the debt as a share of GDP over his eight years: 10.6 percent in his first term and 4.2 percent in his second. President Clinton enjoyed a nearly 17 percent decrease over the same number of years, first dipping 3.4 percent and then 13.4 percent in his second term when the economy was booming. George H. W. Bush’s record stands at 8.7 percent over four years.
As a percentage of GDP, debt increased by 4.4 percent during President George W. Bush’s first term and by nearly 17 percent in his second. At first glance, he and President Obama appear neck-and-neck at 21 percent and 23 percent, respectively. But there is one catch: Obama will have served for half the time. By 2013, President Obama will have increased debt by 23 percent after just four years—more than President Bush’s total eight-year increase of 21 percent and well more than either of the two Bush terms.
The future doesn’t look any brighter if the Obama Administration’s tax-and-spend policies remain the norm. Under these same policies, a second Obama term would see an increase of another 10 percent by 2017 for a two-term total of nearly 34 percent.

Why do I mention Willy? Simply because he chooses to descend on my blog like mindless locusts looking to do their mindless work. As they, he really has no purpose, just a genetic inclination to do. For some reason it makes him feel good whether it is twice a day, three times a day, five times a day and many days even more using different names, masked IP addresses and other duplicitous methods of commenting. He has stated that he must use these dishonest methods because conservatives worldwide block, ban and delete his cut and paste lies because they are scared of his truths. I have never blocked him even when he has been a reprehensible boar. I mention Willy because he is so much like his heroes in that he represents a method of political discourse which is made of lies. Lies that he and his ilk hope will become truth. Their politics is a Potemkin Village of lies.
Maybe, just maybe, if Willy wants to think for himself for a second or two he might realize his brand of progressive socialism has experienced its high water mark and no amount of lies will further its movement. The American people hate losers, especially those losers who steal from them, and are wise to their stealing ways and days.
I wish Willy good, but his daily missives of cut and past lies do get tiresome because his "truths" have no truth within them. They are lies.