Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Republicans Lost Issue 2 In Ohio All by Themselves

Unions spent $30 million spewing lies about SB 5. Republican supporters of SB 5 knew they would, but didn't match the attack dollar for dollar nor did they effectively counter the outright lies of the in-state and mostly out of state unions. As professors and teachers cajoled their students to vote no and unions used the media to spread the lie that police, teachers, firemen and services would be sliced leaving citizens vulnerable to murder and mayhem with children wandering the street even more ignorant than they are now, Republican leaders did little to counter the lies. What they did do they did a day late and a dollar short.

This will hurt Gov Kasich. Even though the major dailies supported Issue 2 in their editorial pages they also ran anti-Kasich stories on a daily basis. After the public beating Kasich has received at the hands of the copy and paste (from the AP) newsroom reporters the support Issue 2 group still made him the front man for success. That will hurt Kasich even more.

The biggest loser, besides the voters stuck with the bill for the public sector union boondoggle, will be the cities and towns of Ohio. Even before the vote this localities were spending up to 80% of their budgets to pay the salaries, benefits and perks of union workers. We'll all be stuck with their bill. Republicans can make a check next to their name for this loss.

We did send Obama a mud pie on Issue 3, which was a toothless issue, but did reject ObamaCare soundly. We'll still have that, I guess.