Sunday, October 09, 2011

To The Obama Morons Quoting Reagan On Bus Drivers And Millionaires.

It was a different time and different circumstances in which Reagan altered our tax structure. Most children would know that. Also, most children wouldn't be so ignorant of economics that they'd liken Obama to Reagan. One was a leader while the other isn't. One was comfortable in the deep end while the other is in over his head in a baby pool. One knew economics and the economy while the other hasn't a clue which is understandable because he has never had a real job, never made a payroll and is merely a perpetual candidate never an incumbent.

Today's tax code is:

Reagan was a true conservative who was fighting the usual tax and spend liberals who then controlled congress. Those tax and spenders were Democrats and Republicans (in name only). Today's cut and past crowd either doesn't care to read history or they, more likely, can't understand it. That's why they cut and paste. It reminds them of their coloring books that made them feel like artists as youngsters. I wish they'd grow up.