Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stand With American Power Against Intimidation And Harrassment

Professor Donald Douglas who hosts the American Power Blog represents the American dream. He has worked hard, is honest and is a family man if integrity. Apparently these things really tick off liberals and they have attacked him repeatedly and have been trying to get him fired from the community college where he teaches. It's time to help him fight back against the slimeballs that are attacking him and you can help.

Go read the link:

Stand Against Evil - Never Let it Win

Donald Douglas is a college professor, a father, a husband and the author of the American Power blog - he is also my friend and he is a really nice man. Donald has been under relentless brutal attack by filthy commie pinko rat bastard d-bag jackasses for years now, and it goes far beyond the usual trolling and anonymous death threats that most of us Conservative bloggers have become so accustomed to; the demonic progs have repeatedly published Donald's workplace information and have undertaken a scorched earth endeavor to destroy Donald's life and livelihood.

Zilla of the Resistance has put this effort together and God bless her for doing so. She also has a great blog so help the professor by signing up and hit Zilla's tip jar. You'll be doing a good thing in both cases!