Friday, September 09, 2011

Soros' Smear Fear Incorporated

Socialist billionaire George Soros, who as a child helped Nazi's round up Jews for extermination and to steal their valuables, says memorials to our dead murdered by cowardly Islamofascists is Islamophobia. Mr. genius probably thinks the US Arizona Memorial is anti-Asian.

Soros Releases Report Slamming U.S. Islamophobia
As the U.S prepares to acknowledge the 9-11 10th Anniversary,  multi-billionaire financier George Soros released a report that claims a conservative cabal of groups and individuals are Islamophobic and the 9-11 memorials are more about hatred for Muslims than commemorating the killing of close to 3,000 Americans by radical Islamists.

Soros calls these Americans, most of whom are conservatives, Fear Incorporated.

Little Georgie the Nazi lover has, I think, Americophobia. He cannot stand our successes, such as defeating his beloved Nazis, nor our freedoms, which he buys in whatever country he lives in, nor our republican form of government which asks for strong individualism. So he lies about us when ever he can and spends billions to hurt our way of life, our media, our education system, our government and our currency.

Soros is Smear Incorporated who sucks the blood of societies to enrich himself.