Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Support Operation United Front

Leftists in America finally learned, like a slow child, that attacking soldiers doesn’t work as it appeared to during the US involvement in the Vietnam War. From Reagan to G. W. Bush soldiers returned to being heroes and the left’s demonization of our warriors fell by the wayside. With nowhere to go the left started attacking those that support our soldiers, their mission and America itself.

As that support grew to include opposition to Sharia law in America and Islamofascism everywhere those working blogs, those who wrote posts and articles and all that support conservative ideals were attacked and accused of everything and anything whether true or not. Most of the attacks were outright lies.

Psychopaths who attempted murders, assassinations and other crimes were falsely portrayed as conservatives when actually, if the criminal had any political persuasion it usually had a left tilt. It didn’t matter to leftists though because they had planted the seed of “conservatives are evil and sick” in the public’s mind. They produced bogus lists of “conservatives” who were Nazis, Aryan supremists, racists, anti-Semites and other derogatory terms to spread on websites, television, radio and magazines and newspapers.

Presently, we have the case of Pamela Geller and Howard Spencer and others who are being blamed for the horrors that occurred in Norway because they have warned of the creeping Sharia and radical Islam here in America, Europe and the free world.

You can read about it here:

At the end of the piece you can also join in the effort to support Geller and Spencer, et al., and fight against the leftists who are behind the false attacks on all conservatives. Please join in the support of Operation United Front.

It is a curious yet informative exercise to watch what happens when attacks on conservatives are proven wrong whether it is a comment taken out of context, a twisting of facts or whether it is an outright lie.

Many times the untruth continues to spread through leftist sewers like Democratic Underground in the hopes that it will become a “truth” as in speaking truth to power or some such nonsense. Even when a “truth” has been proven a lie, individual leftists, in concert with their peers, try to turn the argument to a subject not even being discussed. If one, say, mentions a toast to the troop the Leftist will rail against alcohol complete with accusations of alcoholism or being a dry drunk or if a person says that a personal attack is nuts the Leftist accuses them of dementia or comes up with an opinion study about the mental instability of conservatives.  The off-subject attack is more than a tacit admission that they have nothing to offer to the debate, it is also an admission of self applied social elitism that, in their mind, allows them to preach and tell others what they must do. Then they will lie and say that they said no such thing and try to scrub the Internet proof that they actually did. That is how obsessively in-control they need to be. It is also a sign post pointing to their ignorance of the real world.

The funniest part of this sad attempt to demonize of supporters of the War on Terror and the troops fighting in-country is when leftists devolve into a parody of fools calling conservatives fat carnivore alcoholics, addicted to nicotine (or some variation based on lifestyle) who will die very soon because we are too stupid to live. All mixed with other name calling such as Nazi, Fascist, hick, rube, red-state moron, etc, and vulgarities and sexist slurs. That is how they fight the “hatred” they say represents conservatism. That’s funny.