Friday, July 01, 2011

Federal Court Rules Racism To Continue

I remember back when I was doing research while working in DC I came across some startling figures about race, race relations and "help" from the federal government. Prior to interference by the federal government the rate for illegitimate birth was about 12% by white mothers with a much lower rate for black mothers. Upon further research I learned that this was due to a strong family and church bond existed in black communities and that was the rub because blacks lived in black communities. When I suggested that living in adversity made those bonds stronger which in turn made the bond between families and church, ergo morality, stronger. I was thoroughly excoriated by my client who had a different finding in mind. he wanted to highlight that after 20 some years of federal help the percentage of illegitimate births among black women was then twice that of white women. I quit.

A few months later I had the great honor to spend a few hours with the economist Dr. Walter Williams. As a young man, I was hoping to impress Dr. Williams with knowledge and brought up my thoughts concerning blacks, federal help and the decline of the family. Dr. Williams quickly proved me way wrong as he pointed out that my snippet of information was, but a small part of how the federal government was destroying blacks, indians and all minorities. I still remember him spitting out that the federal government was filled with liberal do-gooders that were the most racist pricks in the world (the good doctor had a tart vocabulary). He went on to describe the destruction of the black economy, the black family and the destruction of blacks as individuals through "help" from the government.

On the subject of blacks and education, let's just say he said that, blacks (and whites) were being taught some serious poppycock that was making them less productive and less intelligent. He, being an educator, made me feel this was the most egregious of the racist and wrongs of all the sins of federal "help."

This racism, a soft version of low expectations and an intimation of inability on the part of blacks is still alive and well and is still ensconced in the minds of liberals.

Mich. ban on race in college admissions illegal

Racism is wrong even when a court practices it, but is especially so when courts not only over rule the electorate, but try to codify racism. This ruling should be overturned in a higher court.