Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner Going Down

Will the wife stay? Will the Weiner stay? Not if Pelosi needs to cut him loose. It's all politics, hard ball politics, now. If Pelosi, Ms Nuance herself, thinks Weiner is a liability then Weiner is gone, Especially since it appears Weiner's district will be redistricted out of existence.

Weiner was a useful jester for the Democrats these last few years and he expected to be rewarded with being anointed as the candidate for mayor of New York as to fulfill the position of fool de jour after Bloomberg is put out to pasture.

Democrats are so nuanced. If you're a fool we can use, great. If you're a fool we can't use, bye bye. Weiner still is hoping he is the former and doesn't realize he is the latter.

Pelosi wins either way because that is the way she plays. That's her politics. That's sad, but to them that is democratic. Maybe Hillary will step in it now to protect Huma, but not Weiner.