Monday, May 23, 2011

Socialist Failure Around The World Crushing Them At The Polls

Socialists, Progressives, whatever. They're the same whining group of people promising utopia in return for votes and power. Here in America socialism has encroached on our freedom mostly during bad times which is the opening progressives hope for and then act on with blame games, recrimination and lies. And it usually works. Desperate people look to any life line. Things are changing and there is real hope. Ironic, eh?

Where socialists/progressives have held power, especially for a period of time long enough to put their poison into law, they are facing a public tired of their bad policy and their smug know-it-all ignorance that is ruining their plans and lives.

It’s about time. They are an anachronistic group of losers that use good people for bad goals. Just look at history.