Sunday, May 01, 2011

Govt Has Destroyed Medicine

And government will continue to destroy medicine and health care until bureaucrats finally take over completely and kill it completely. Oh yes, those bureaucrats will have horror stories to tell about one doctor in a million who made a mistake to justify their stupid and ridiculous interference, but they will not speak of stories of their own making which are horror stories of bureaucrats hundreds of miles away overriding on the scene doctors orders because that is how stupid and mindless bureaucrats do things. Then they go home, have drinks and speak of the good they feel they are doing. How would they know when they have never seen a patient? They're fools, but fools with a government salary, pension and protection that prevent individuals fro holding them accountable in a court of law for being arrogant and stupid.

So, what is the coming result of government's continued involvement in medicine?

Behind the coming physician shortage

My father told me in 1965 to not be a doctor which he had hoped I would do to continue the family tradition. He said it would be wrong and fruitless to be involved in a socialized system of mediocrity that kills people thus violating the Hippocratic Oath, by government fiat.

He was right.