Sunday, May 08, 2011

Communism Kills

Many years ago I had produced for a foundation with which I worked a bumper sticker that stated simply, "Communism Kills." Many thought it too blunt. I didn't and don't. When a government, especially hero worshipping communists, obtain that much power they kill. They kill in the millions, actually in the tens of millions. Those that are killed get the better end of the stick, so to speak, because at least they're out from under the iron boot of government.

There is a new site dedicated to showing the world what a complete monster Josef Stalin was. It may be impossible through print and electronic means, but this is a good site.

Online Gulag museum launched

Poniakov stresses the importance of the online museum, if only to raise awareness among the younger generations.

“If you take people between 15 and 30, they wouldn’t know about the Gulag. It’s too far back in history. They don’t even know who [the Soviet Union’s first leader Vladimir] Lenin was.”

Communism, and its bastard child socialism, kills. First they kill happiness, then creativity and initiative, then hope and finally life itself is killed. And they enjoy killing because they are the state and they worship the state. And their own power.

Go to this new site to see what communists have wrought. It is sobering. Have your children and grand children see what awaits them if these bastards get their way. To those that say this can't happen here, I say it is happening here and it is happening faster and faster because of historical ignorance and our electing liberals, progressives, socialists and closet communists to office who then support and endorse unionism, leftist education and big government, all in the name of humanity.

They hate humanity. And the United States of America.