Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Union Protesters Swarm And Detain WI Assemblyman From Entering Capitol

These are teachers and keepers of the peace?

“Shame, shame.” (“don’t touch him.”)

“You suck! You suck, You suck.” (“what you’re doing is illegal.”)

“Peaceful protest.” (blocking him from going into the building and from leaving)

“Peace, peace.” (angrily yelling “peace” at those pushing)

“Peaceful, peaceful.”(blocking and shoving continue.)

Democrat Assemblyman Hulsey intervenes and says, “I know you’re angry.” (“Damn right!”)

“The most important thing about this whole event is that it has been peaceful and respectful.” (police sirens wail and someone yells, “Not the way Walker kicks? it.”)

“Let’s keep this peaceful and respectful.” (“He’s not respecting our families!”)

Someone yelling on a bullhorn.

“We need to keep this peaceful and respectful.” (“He has no respect for us!”)

“Thank you for coming.” (“This is OUR house.” Yelling. “Cameras are rolling guys.”)

“We need to all step back.” (“We want our democracy back!”)

Yelling. “Back, back!” (“Just explain yourself, PLEASE! Just PLEASE explain yourself. Peacefully explain yourself.”)

“Calm DOWN. Calm down, CALM down.”

“Firefighters, line up. Come on, let’s go, this way. Follow me.”

Constant drumming, like a third world tribe, and blaring horns mixed with bells normally used for holiday celebrations. And police whistles.

Passing person, “You can be angry at people.”

Chanting, “peaceful protest, peaceful protest, peaceful protest.”