Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama Has Okay'd A "Political Steering Committee" to Command Our troops In Libya?

How stupid is this man? No strategy, no tactics, just university meeting agreements of, okay, if you think you can do that best, go ahead and take ownership of that or some such stupid cliche.

This clown is actually in charge of our military? He is Commander in Chief, but he doesn't have the intelligence or ability to be in charge of a musical chairs contest because, as referee, he'll lose. Every time. Now he has relinquished his control and constitutional duty to foreign leadership who has proven themselves incapable of winning a snowball fight.

How stupid was the electorate that voted him into an office he is wholly incapable of fulfilling?

Ruining our country and our economy is bad enough, but putting our fighting men and women in danger is so wrong on so many levels. It' like Rome putting Elmer Fudd in charge of the legions.

Obama probably is incapable of picking his own nose, but he feels the need, indeed the desire, to pick others to command our forces. Choosing those that do not share our goals. Those that want to bring us down a peg. Obama does so because he is so scared of actually making decisions. Obama is terrified of actually taking ownership of anything other than a local ACORN meeting. There, in a ghetto backroom Obama knows he might shine.

Obama has no stated goal in Libya. Hell, he has no openly stated goals here in America, only backroom deals to kill America. He is wholly incapable of being Commander in Chief and President. That this embarrassment will cost us lives is an embarrassment we must atone for for years. I am so embarrassed that this clown is President of the United States of America.