Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet The Miscreant Of Madison

Oh yes, many would like to call him a rabble-rouser. A few might be misguided so far as to call him a hero. He is a traitor to good government and democracy. Nothing more. Nothing less. He's a loud mouthed thug

Meet Representative Cory Mason: Wisconsin’s Benedict Arnold?

According to a report on the Althouse blog this morning, it appears that Cory Mason, a Democrat member of the Assembly (or a member of his staff) is Wisconsin’s Benedict Arnold — the person who last night forced open a ground-floor window (all of them had been bolted shut as a security measure) and allowed a few protesters into the building after hours, who apparently were the ones who then opened various doors to permit a mob of something like 7,000 people to invade the Capitol Building – in violation not just of state law, but of a judge’s order:  “Staying after the building is closed, is prohibited.”
Rep. Mason, a hard-left progressive who apparently has a penchant for defying orders and whose top special-interest campaign contributors are, unsurprisingly, labor unions and teachers (see here), has been a member of the Wisconsin Assembly since 2006, representing Racine.
Mason doesn't believe in democratic elections, no, he's a hard core progressive that just happens to be the property of the Democratic Party, but I doubt he even believes in them. Mason marches to a different drummer, possibly one of the protest drummers wailing away in the capitol building. No, the will of the people means nothing to him except to bend or break that will when he feels like it. Oh, he's also a former union organizer. Figures.

He named his kids Eleanor Roosevelt, and Amelia Earhart. Thank goodness he didn't have a son. One can only imagine.