Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Dead Jap Fundraiser For Big Gov

"make Professor Friedman spin in his grave … and the Tea Party be damned."

The lie is falling. The lie is falling. If only we had big government to stop this deadly rain of destruction. If only! If only we had a law, another bureaucrat and an all encompassing government to meet every contingency of every problem that just might come our way. Maybe we need comet commissars to prowl our streets and homes to ensure we are properly prepared for the day. You must see that it is only logical.

Laissez-Faire Earthquake Lessons

Let’s hear it for building codes, health and safety regulations, mandatory standards for public education, and all sorts of helpful government intervention that would make Professor Friedman spin in his grave … and the Tea Party be damned.

This piece, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, merely a defense for their actions in Madison, Columbus and an ever growing list of capitols that have grown weary of their childish demands that they be treated as an equal, but super special group within our dying economy, is indicative of just how entrenched they believe they have made themselves.

So they chant, dance and play drums bolstered by articles such as this to raise "awareness" to their plight. Plights take money and this article is nothing more than a plight-fighting money raiser.

There should be a teachable moment here, but how do teachers teach when they are refusing to be taught by their employers. Their employers have gone broke being taught how special special groups they are. We have no more money.

God have mercy on the Japanese suffering, but Higher Ed doesn't want the dead to waste their deadness so they are just borrowing them for a little lesson-pep talk and a fundraiser.

These are your teachers. Learn from them.