Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breathlessly Waiting For Breathless Headline

While we wait breathlessly for another breathless headline about radiation in Japan or the latest atrocities of the errant radical right wing nuts that make op the cadre of Tea Party covens nationwide I noticed an article in Reason Hit and Run about Senator Al Franken.

Last time we checked in with Senate not-so-funny man Al Franken and his ongoing crusade to save the Internet by enforcing net neutrality, he was confusing wireless data networks like the ones that connect Blackberries and iPhones to the Internet with home-based wi-fi connections like you might set up in your office

Franken isn't the sharpest tool in his shed and the gardener knee pads are funnier, but this article shows yet another politician desperately trying to seem relevant when they have absolutely no basic understanding of which they speak. Maybe Franken can once again show his cute pugnacious side and break all the inter-tubes if he doesn't get to save free speech by imposing government regulations on free speech. Of course, Franken isn't alone in his approach to government stupidity. Maybe a current leader, but not alone. There are those that actually still believe we can spend our way out of being broke. This is, as always, the cure that kills, but then they can say we were the cure!

Okay, back to FOX and the alphabets desperately trying to scare the bejeebus out of us because they really need those ambulance chasing mesothelioma ads. I'm breathless.