Sunday, March 13, 2011

5th Column Support For WH Lies

Obama Lied, Last Vestige of Press Credibility Died

Barry held a press conference on March 11, 2011 and just made stuff up which had no basis in fact whatsoever. The media who were in attendance said not a word to question his obvious blatant lies. Not a single member of the press questioned him about litany dire issues facing our country and the world either.

Read the rest HERE. It's actually quite appalling. Earlier post HERE.

The big guy ought to go for it all and announce that America is sound and profitable because his support for rugged individualism has made us the leader in all areas of defense, energy production, heavy manufacturing and in all other categories. Then with the full support of union leaders he can announce that he is going to reduce taxes by 25% and reduce the size of government by 20%. The MSM will report it as gospel and even more visionary than vision itself. Chris Matthews, on air, will piddle down his other leg and call it rain. Fairies will have their own union with unicorn support and the Democrat Party is the only true friend of the taxpayer.

He actually is not that far from saying that because 2012 is nearly here, eh?