Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SB 5 Absolute Stupidity: Ohio Senate Republicans Betray The Voters And The State

This is absolute betrayal by Republican senators with no ear and no guts. There will be collective bargaining on salaries. They've gutted SB 5 and they have gutted us, the voter, but they'll waste our time by telling us that they haven't wavered. The hell they haven't.

They have betrayed the 2010 elections and if they aren't smart enough to understand that then they should get the hell out of the way and let those that do understand what the voters want to lead. This is mind boggling in its stupidity. It is stupidity on so many levels. They just handed unions and liberals a victory no matter how they try to spin it. How dare they!

Liberals are already rejoicing. They should be because this is capitulation. There should be no public sector unions and there definitely should not be collective bargaining of any type. We have been stabbed in the back by our own party and that really stinks.