Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How Many Other Loyal Allies Will Obama Stab In The Back

I'm sure Hugo Chavez is safe from the Obama bus if Venezuela rises against him. I am also pretty sure that Jintao is safe if China rises up against him. To Obama that would be the diplomatic thing to do. Not so with Egypt's Mubarak. Obama is slowing twisting the knife in the back of a leader who has helped us and who has helped stabilize the Arab world and stood with us in the fight against Islamic terror.

Other allies are watching Obama closely because they now know that the loyalty they have shown us will not be repaid, at least not nearly as well as ingratitude.

Who will lead Egypt after Mubarak? Absolutely no one knows for sure and it is absolutely sure that the Obama team doesn't. I would probably take a bet against most of the Obama team being able to name the countries around Egypt. Denial may be a strong point for the Obama administration, but they probably don't get denile jokes.

Is Mubarak a good leader? No. Loyal, yes. Was there a better way to handle this? You betcha, Maybe Team Obama was blindsided, which is very believable, but their first reaction was to stab Mubarak in the back instead of their vaunted use of the crisis for something they want. What is it Obama wants?

Did Obama plan to send a message to unsavory leaders worldwide or just to those with whom we have influence? If so, forewarned is forearmed and those leaders may dig in for the expected traitorous behavior of a friend and make the situation even worse. Was that Obama's plan? To make things worse? Why?

Has Obama planned for the onslaught of friends and fellow terrorists allied with the Muslim Brotherhood that will try to take power as did Hamas and other groups that took over pro-democracy movements elsewhere? Did Obama even consider this scenario?

Lots of questions with really no information about the thought process, the goals or any future strategy and tactics that Team Obama will employ in the future  The only other question is how many other loyal allies will Obama stab in the back? Oh, one more, what will it cost America?