Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Has The Main Stream Media Spiked Story About A(nother) Left Wing Assassin

Casey Bresik. Hopeful assassin. Increasingly the face of the left. He slit the throat of a college dean thinking it was the governor. He was dressed for the part in dark clothes. The media has hidden this story for months. By omission they are liars. And accomplices.

Wrong. People such as Bresik have always been the true face of leftists. Crazed, not right in the head and angry. The main stream media is threatened by this face. Actually, most threatened is the message, rightfully so, and the main stream media believes it may fail because the average human would be repelled if they thought a Bresik represented that message.

Casey Bresik is a failure because he is nuts, stupid and entirely unable to form a sane thought so he became a leftist.

American Power has a much better post on this and I suggest if you want to better understand this spiking of a story by the main stream media, you read it and follow the links.