Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU Poll - Yawning Voters W/ Update

The state of the union appears to be listing to one side as the ship of state is porting into any harbor it can find. This, then, is a wrap up of the tempest in a teapot called the SOTU:

Fox News - 'FLAT'
CBS - Obama: "The Future is Ours to Win"
CBS Poll - Poll: High Marks for Obama's State of the Union Speech  91% loved it say they!
ABC - State of the Union 2011: Obama Emphasizes Bipartisanship to Promote Jobs, Growth, Innovation
NBC - A new spirit in Washington, but same old divisions linger
AP - State of the Union stirs current of hope, doubt

But, but, but...AP - Fact check: Obama ledger out of balance

Bottom Feeders -

SOTU - Infrastructure/Innovation
Randy Andy Sullivan appears to have spent the evening elsewhere. Probably researching his own high speed train proposal(s).
From Ezra of the "I" generation - Lots of vision, but few policy specifics

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IA Poll (including household, blogs and the Internet):

BUST! - Shoulda gone bowling. Alone. Better use of time.