Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Real Cuts, No Real Tax Cuts, Just Rhetoric As Usual.

Now is the time to act, for Republicans and Democrats to do abosutely squat to make us more efficient and better people.

Big joke about being smoked referring to salmon.

Love that humor.

Obama is going to reorganize government and will allow every citizen to see online just how wonderful government is.

For the third time Obama says he will veto any bill with earmarks. Waiting.

As Obama tells us that America's leadership has been renewed and the world now loves us once again Jabberin' Joe is falling asleep.

Biden should be falling asleep because Obama has switched into his "I wanna be Bush" mode complete with coaltion talk, but without reality.

In short, Obama will defeat the enemy even though he can't defeat Republicans.

On to nuke talk. Always a great talking point for one who has the wind in his face.