Thursday, January 27, 2011

HUD = Hookers & Unsavory Dead

Add in paying for belly dancers, mismanagement, sex offenders, embezzlement, employee bonuses, cost-of-living increases and severance awards and children damaged for life, to name a few, and you have a perfect example of government agencies too big, too corrupt and too stupid to do any job right.

Public Housing, Private Frustration
HUD-Funded Housing Projects Wasted Money on Belly Dancers, Sex Offenders and Dead Residents

Read the whole article. If ObamaCare becomes a reality maybe doctors and you may suffer, but some administrator will probably have a "million dollar mansion in Florida, with a Lamborghini and BMW parked out front."

UPDATE: Link was missing, but now fixed thanks to a heads up from Zilla. You can read her here and here.