Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Government, Where's The Damn Money Gone?

Dear Government,

Everyday you get and spend billions of dollars. From coast to shining coast the money flows like honey to and from one government entity to another with some falling into the economy.

Each hour people pay taxes on everything they eat, drink, think, sell, buy, drive, see and touch. Each minute we hear dire economic news, police being laid off, schools closing, firemen without equipment, hospital shortages and banks being closed.

Where is the damn money going if it is not going to fix those things we pay taxes for? Please don't put some bureaucrat on TV spouting micro this and macro that and the needs of left winged pouty puss wrens. Make it simple. It's time for you dear government to offer some explanations.

You have spent trillions and we got nothing to show for it? Why? Who spent it and is spending it as we speak? Where's it being spent?

We'd like to know instead of you all making speeches about nothing. Where did the damn money go?

Your employer