Thursday, August 05, 2010

Obama Buying The 2010 Election?

Actually, yes.

An August Surprise from Obama?

Buying (once again) union love, buying back (insert various left whacked blocs name) allies, buying rich people's money, buying the corporate vote, oh, you can finish on your own. Now though, Obama is aiming at that most important bloc, the middle class mother. They fear losing their homes or that they can't pay for the extras they feel the family needs. And they, according to polls, have abandoned Obama and he needs them back if only through the first Tuesday in November.

Enter Freddie and Fannie who are the paragons of business and ethics with which Obama will buy these voters. The purchase price on each vote is debt relief on their mortgages. It is a simple transaction really, Obama's benevolent government will pay part of your mortgage and you will see him, and Democrats, as saviors. Plus, it's bonus time, Obama's vision of bigger government looks better which might make it easier to pass more atrocities such as health care reform, Cap and Trade and other boondoggles for the government and its cronies. That government created the mess called Freddie and Fannie and Congress forced them to fail is irrelevant because Mama Soccer will be happy.

Is there anyone left in the Demo world left unbought? Have them call 1-800-GOV-ELEC. The free money give away is a limited offer and may disappear forever in November.