Monday, August 09, 2010

Environmentalists Causing The Worsening Blackouts.

And they are just making the problem of the lack of power worse.

U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

Smart grids, modernization and gimmicks are what are being offered in the article (I encourage you to read it), but what is not being offered is reality. The United States needs more power plants, more refineries and more sources of power such as nuclear, coal and oil. The very things that so-called environmentalists have prevented for 20 plus years. And in those 20 plus years, through government interference and predatory lawsuits, the cost of producing power has risen astronomically as the avenues to produce any viable amounts of new power has shrunk.

Just as they have been doing to the health care industry these groups have emplaced rules, regulations and legislation to make citizens suffer financially for their energy wants and needs so that citizens will see no other way out, but to bow to the dictates of the government. That is not freedom, but tyranny. It is tyranny no matter how benevolent the tyranny believes itself to be. And health care reform, Cap and Trade and the energy crisis are just the beginning.