Thursday, July 01, 2010

Zack Space: Worst Cliched Lie Of The Year

Democrats are worried and especially worried by Minority Leader John Boehner. Now Ohio's Democrat delegation has lined up lock step to attack another Ohioan for suggesting solutions, some endorsed by them and Steny Hoyer, and then spouting fear mongering drivel.

Ohio Democrats, President Obama gang up on John Boehner

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, the dean of the Ohio delegation, said that Boehner’s proposal to cut Social Security to pay for the war in Afghanistan is “callous, outrageous and frankly un-American.” Rep. Tim Ryan said the people that would be affected by Boehner’s Social Security plan are “people who work for a living with their hands, not that wear ties and suits and nice dresses and jewelry and play golf and hang out.”

Ohio Democratic Rep. Zack Space said that if “the Boehner plan” went into effect, the elderly would be “cleaning toilets, stocking shelves, serving French fries.”

“We as Buckeyes do not stand with him, and it shows how out of touch he and his party are with the rank and file,” Kaptur said.

Now if Space had said that anyone who voted for Cap and Trade wanted their constituents to be “cleaning toilets, stocking shelves, serving French fries” then I'd believe him. Otherwise Space is just politicking with the likes of Obama and Kaptur to hurt Ohioans. Puppets.

BTW, John Boehner worked with his hands, grew up hard and is a self made man. Can't say that about those attacking him which tells us a lot.