Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Shirley Sherrod Fix Is In

Robert Gibbs Apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

How many times did he apologize? How many times did he deflect questions concerning President Obama's involvement?

Gibbs isn't even in the same league as Vilsack who took one for the team, threw himself under the bus and fell on his sword all in a matter of minutes. He also deflected questions about President Obama's involvement.

White House apologizes to Shirley Sherrod, says administration wrongly fired black employee for tape

"The buck stops with me." "This is a teachable moment." "I accepted full responsibility for them."

I can almost feel the hot poker sent to Vilsack by the White House. His Captain will not go down with the ship. In fact, he was the first one off when trouble happened.

Of course, this was about agriculture and they still fertilize with natural substances around here. At least that is what I thought I smelled late this afternoon.

UPDATE: The CBS Early Morning Show had Sherrod on to wimper and console. Oh, they also spoke about that racist Breitbart who Sherrod may sue, but she isn't "actively" thinking about it. She just wanted to mention it on national TV as an aside, because Breitbart hasn't even called to apologize (like the rest of the world) and she doesn't think he will. Well, at least as far as she knows him, which she doesn't at all, she doesn't think he will apologize.

Maybe she can be the star of Obama's Apology Tour II (III, IV, V?).

UPDATE II: All must be forgiven. The Captain has called Sherrod and apologized for calling her a racist after she said she had stopped being a racist and also for throwing her under the bus because of his misunderstanding of what she said. He must've been paying attention with the same set of ears he had on for 20 years in one of Rev. Wright's pew. All is well in the universe now that we know who the real racists are.

Maybe The One will now call the NAACP and apologize to them for thinking they actually represented colored folks. "We are one people. We are one nation. I’m an NAACP American."