Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Plunderbund's Modern Esquire Is Really Worried About Kasich

He doth protest too much at every turn of Kasich's campaign against Strickland. When ever a polling outfit such as Barney's Bait and Polling or Kos' new loser pollster or one of the main stream media's "the surge failed" pollmeisters crows about Strickland's "surge" Modern Esquire gets all giddy.
He must have penis Lehman Brothers envy. Success breeds success which leaves Strickland in a position almost as bad as he has put his supporters.

Come on Modern Esquire, love that people's moniker, Kasich has better blue collar credentials than you. He also has better success credentials than you.

Oh Hell, Kasich isn't just an opponent to you, he's a nemesis, eh? Got worry? Yeah, I think you do.