Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Reason's Matt Welch 'Revolt' Misses One Point

Matt Welch has a good post concerning the growing bureaucracy of government, unions and public sector growth. It is obvious that bureaucracy only works when it is lean and answerable to the leaders it supports. That ours has become a bloated obese monster which is incapable of achieving that which it is supposed to is a shame put upon our country. Land of the free indeed.

The point I had hoped to see in his piece is that these unelected bureaucrats are governing us, in a large part because of the labyrinth of power they've created, instead of the elected officials we send to Washington and state capitals. Unseen hands and minds have created an unrecognizable government that over regulates us and overrules elected officials, but unlike elected officials they stay in power forever. Hell, they can't even be fired for complete incompetence and the bureaucracy self replicates like soulless monsters in science fiction novels.

That is the real revolt by the governed, anger towards faceless bureaucrats governing us without being elected not being accountable and doing it all poorly.