Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oberleutnante Olbermann Leaving Krazy Kos?

Seems that Olbermann, the Doberman junkyard dog, can't take the heat from his buddies on the kos site.

Keith Olbermann Checks Out Of Daily Kos After Criticism From Left

“John McCain, you sir are not a war hero. You were captured, sir. A true war hero would have killed himself, sir, before giving himself to the enemy, sir. A real hero is me. Look at me, sir. Look at me. Drink it in. For I am true heroism risking my life by speaking against the powers that be. And people think you're a hero?! How dare you sir, HOW DARE YOU!? AND HOW DARE THEM!!??”

It's too bad Olbermann and kos are breaking up. To people on sedatives they seemed a couple made for each other.