Friday, June 18, 2010

Is The Gulf Spill Clean Up A Hoax?

Instapundit has a reader who says it is. Others have suggested that the explosion was not an accident while others say that the clean up isn't being botched, it is purposely being not done to force a "comprehensive" energy package.

Is it better to appear to be an underhanded politicians or the Keystone Cops? Have voters finally come to understand that there may be no difference between the two?

Maybe the feds and the Obama Administration are telling the truth and they are just a bunch of incompetent boobs. They turn away help. They tell affected states to sit on their hands.They won't allow video or photographs unless they are in controlled situation such as Obama or someone weeping or kneeling on the beach as if in anguish.

Whoever is in charge, and it appears that Obama isn't capable of being in charge, they aren't getting the job done. Agencies across the federal government are stepping on each other's toes, countermanding the orders of other agencies, enforcing one law, but not another in a pattern that makes not sense and is definitely not working together.

This much disorganization going on for so long almost becomes plausible when seen through the lens of a hoax, especially in a light that exposes that this progressive administration really wants governmental control of business, industry, health and energy.

Maybe Axlerod was told that the dead whale had a "Save Obama" sticker on its tail.