Thursday, June 03, 2010

Golf Gulf Disaster Competes For Obama's Attention

Known environmentalist Sir Paul McCartney jetted across the Atlantic to receive the Gershwin Award in a private concert at the White House from President Obama and his family and friends. I'm not sure if foreign policy and reponses to disasters are scheduled around Sasha and Malia's entertainment, but I would tell Sir Paul, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others to check for President Obama's golf schedule to make sure he will have time for them.

As fishermen lose their jobs and businesses, as jobs slip away nationwide, as debt and deficits soar out of control and the Gulf of Mexico fills with crude, it's time for our President to sing "Hey Jude."

Presumably, known environmentalist Sir Paul McCartney will jet back across the Atlantic to his home castle and Obama will jet somewhere where there's a tee and a green.