Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New Camera Thoughts - Diane Arbus

The boy in question was Colin Wood, the son of tennis player Sidney Wood, who was caught “in a moment of exasperation”, his hands claw-like, his face maniacal. Arbus captured this photograph by having the boy stand while moving around him, claiming she was trying to find the right angle. The boy became impatient and told her to “Take the picture already!” In other pictures on contact sheet, he is seen as a happy child.

I love photography. Whether I am good at it or not is irrelevant. A present from my wife, a new Nikon (I was always a Leica fan) has excited me and has caused me to examine those photographs I studied as a young(er) man.

They still hold the heartfelt attachment now that they did then. For the most part.

Arbus was a more honest Avedon.