Friday, April 16, 2010

25 SEIU Protesters Arrested At OSU: "We're just trying to get some publicity, that's all."

About 25 protesters arrested after demonstration at Ohio State
A crowd of more than 100 protestors faced off against about 50 police officers yesterday afternoon at Ohio State University in an attempt to bring public awareness to the conditions of Sodexo food-workers at university sporting events.

A majority of OSU's food service stands at athletics events are staffed by volunteers, but Sodexo employs about 30 full-time workers and 100 seasonal employees, university spokesman Jim Lynch said in an e-mail.

It is nice that the union negotiated with the police so they wouldn't get charged with more serious crimes. It was also nice they could stand around and joke with the arresting police officers while handcuffed. That alone shows a real respect for the law.

It goes without saying that it was very nice that the SEIU members didn't find an old person to beat up and then run away before being arrested.

Maybe someone could just offer them a nice cup of tea the next time they want to disrupt and disobey for some cheap publicity.