Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Governor To Establish Ohio Council On Dimons And Earls

In his never ending attempt to harness more votes, Governor Strickland will soon announce the new Council on Dimon and Earls which is another attempt to sway voters through excessive petting.

Strickland will state, "I'm not sure how many Dimons there might be, but in my neck of the woods there are Earls out the butt and they, as a group, need representation beyond what they have received in the past. As a patriarchal dynasty they have entered to positions of familial power hence forth unseen. This council will play a vital role in helping engage individuals, organizations, and communities across the state to further strengthen the role of Dimons (and Earls) in our society.”

No doubt, there will be a council on simians and curs in the near future. One should never leave the relatives out.