Thursday, December 03, 2009

What The Health Care Bill Has Become

Living in Manhattan, I would walk to and fro to work in the dark, very late or very early, and would come across huge swaths of posters attached to any available surface.

Sometimes they were ads for products such as LancĂ´me, sometimes for clothes, sometimes for bands or clubs such as Blondie, the Ramones or CBGB's and Max's Kansas City and some political or appealing for support for some issue.

They became even more art when graffiti was added though some thought them an eyesore.

The mindset behind the process and application is back with Planned Parenthood posting cityscape applications on web sites. The effort is telling because CBGB's posters sold revolution and the de jour band was just the conduit, fashion sold sex through clothes and graffiti bought turf through urban art. All messages within messages.

Health reform has become abortion retention because of endangered specie members such as Stupak. Planned Parenthood is using abortion to support government health care and a vehicle to codify abortion as a fait accompli though government health care. Even without the graffiti these visual vehicles sell and retain as the physical swathes come upon in the dark and do have a cerebral impact in a historical as well as current sense.

It is telling.