Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Onerous Ohio Taxes On Everything

I just got a friendly reminder from the Ohio Department of Public Safety about the need for me to renew my license pkates.

Ohio now taxes every thing one does and taxes it at usuary rates.

Special plate fees $25.00
State license tax $31.00
Local/county tax $10.00
Service fee $ 3.50
Postage $ 0.37

TOTAL $69.87

Of the 50 states, Ohio now ranks as the 8th most taxed state, according to the Census Bureau, of all the United States of America. When I left for Washington, DC all those years ago, Ohio was, as I remember, the 42nd most taxed state in the United States.

In terms of state and local taxes, in 1977 Ohio ranked 45th in the country for the amount individual tax burdens. By 2008 Ohio had moved to 7th in the nation.

It's time for all this tax stuff to stop. We can't just blame Strickland because there was Taft Jr., Gilligan, Celeste, Voinovich and legislatures that bought votes and monuments to their dim status as legislators. Nothing puts gravitas to a career as much as having pretty much every building, bridge and pig pen named after you.

It is obvious that having one's name attached to great deeds is a good way to be remembered, but cutting the size, scope and impact of government probably won't have a building with a big bureaucracy in it to do such a deed, ergo, nobody gets to put their name on it by legislating huge sums of money to something to cut huge sums of money. Wait a minute, I think this has already been tried.

Anyway, I'll pay for the new tags, but I'm tired of it all.