Monday, October 12, 2009

No On Issue 2 And 3

It is quite simple, really.

Issue 2 adds another layer of government at a time when we should all be striping away layers of government and throwing them in the waste bin of failed modern history. The fact that the board is unnecessary and has little or no oversight makes it a no brainer.

Issue 3 is about gambling. 28 states have casino gambling within their borders. Casinos bring a lot of baggage, including corruption, prostitution, general crime and filth, which we don't need here in Ohio. If I want to gamble there are plenty of places to do so, elsewhere. Just because I go to WalMart once or twice a year doesn't mean I want to live next to one. If you're thinking NIMBY, you'd be right. I lived just outside Reno, have visited Las Vegas many times and watched the transformation of the strip and its effects on Atlantic City and it is ugly just outside the bright lights.

Both Issue 2 and 3 are unnecessary and are to the detriment of Ohio. Of course there are those who see no problem with more government, jobs at any price and crime. They'll vote yes on both.